SJF Bikini Body Project Challenge


SJF Bikini Body Project is a 6 week challenge designed to cater to ALL females out there who want to transform their body and mind.  This challenge will allow you to be part of a community all sharing a journey toward their best self.

Join me for 6 weeks of dedication & learn what it takes to achieve & maintain your goal “bikini body”.

I am so excited to get you started! Let’s do this!


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This Challenge Is For Girls Who:

  • Want to transform their bodies
  • Build their shape
  • Tighten up
  • Get stronger
  • Feel more confident
  • Be held accountable
  • Challenge themselves

Will this program cater to my unique body & goals?
Yes! When you sign up to my Bikini Body Project you will choose from 2 different variations of the program – build or shred – depending on your current body/lifestyle, and of course, your goals.

This option is for females with low-moderate body fat who want to build more muscle to achieve more shape & curves.  This plan is a higher calorie approach, so if you struggle to gain muscle and don’t necessarily need to get leaner, this version is for you!

For those who want to focus on really dropping body fat to tighten up dramatically. This is a lower calorie approach to allow a focus on challenging the body in a calorie deficit to achieve fat loss, whilst also working to develop the bikini body shape underneath for long-term results!

Registrations will be open NOW through Sunday November 12th. 

Don't wait! Enrollment is only open for a limited time and there are only a certain amount of spots available!

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How Does It Work?
You will receive a new training program for each of the 6 weeks of the challenge so that you are constantly challenging your body & you won’t get bored.

Nutrition, Cardio & Supplements
Depending on your goals you will receive a tailored Nutrition Plan, Cardio Guidelines & a Supplements List to help you achieve amazing results throughout the program based on your current physique.  

Progress Photos
You will be required to submit “start” photos, weight & measurements by email. This is important so that we can track your progress throughout the challenge & also so I can choose my transformation winners at the end of the challenge.  

Weekly Check-ins
You will have guidance & support via email at any time. You will be encouraged to submit weekly check-ins including your photos, weight & measurements via email. Check-ins are a great way to keep you accountable & present throughout the challenge.  From your check-ins I will be happy to make adjustments to the variables of your program (like nutrition & cardio) if required to achieve your best results.

Sheena Martin
Sheena Martin
IFBB Bikini Pro

About Sheena

I have learnt that there really is nothing that you can’t achieve in life if you put your mind to it and are passionately committed to your goals. In March 2016, almost two exact years since I won my IFBB Pro Card I won my first IFBB Pro Bikini Championship at the Orlando Pro Bikini becoming the first Bikini Pro from New Zealand (and Australia) to qualify for and compete at the prestigious Miss Bikini Olympia.

2017 has been a very successful and exciting year for me. Not successful in that I won a lot of shows, actually, I had to work incredibly hard and compete in 9 shows over 9 months to finally win the New York Pro in May 2017. But, 2017 has been a year of huge evolution for me personally. I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a visa to move to America to live, and here I am, now living in Santa Monica, California, training at Golds Gym (the Mecca of Bodybuilding) in Venice everyday.

I have learnt the importance of taking control of your life. If you want to achieve something, you must go after it. I am constantly setting goals & dreaming dreams that are beyond my current “reach” because that is how you force yourself to evolve as a person. Go after something that will force you to become the kind of person capable of achieving it!

Sheena Jayne Fitness is all about sharing my knowledge and experience with YOU – I want YOU too, to feel empowered, and to discover what YOU and your body are capable of.

How does it work?
All you need to do is register online before Sunday November 12th. Before the challenge starts you will receive your programs & your grocery list so that are ready to hit the ground running on Monday November 13th. Throughout the 6 weeks you will check in weekly & have support any time you need to make sure you’re confident & killing it! 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure whether “build” or “shred” is more suited to your goals. You do not need to choose a program before signing up. 

You will have access to both programs. The training is the same for both to build the bikini shape. The nutrition & cardio we choose for you (within the build or shred plans which also contain a range within them) will be adjusted to align with your calorie estimation using the calorie calculator on the platform so we can get the right calories in & energy expenditure out to get you closer to your goals.

The idea behind “build” & “shred” is to make sure that the program is comprehensive & contains enough variety to guide all different shapes & sizes closer toward their goals! 

Once you are registered you’ll receive all the Information you need before we begin so you start on the right track!

Let’s do this!

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